Our Story

EIBCLAIM.COM is an online system which provides an integrated platform to Interim Resolution Professional, Resolution Professional, Official Liquidator and Liquidators of the Corporate Debtor to invite claim from various claimants. Our claim system was launched with sole objective to make claim filling, verification and storage process more easy, handy and reliable.

The platform offers Claim Verification, Claim Filtration, Claim Additional verification, Claim Acceptance or Rejection, Claim Time Management, Claim Data Management, Data Backup and Data Validation to the user. Our customized selection panel helps interim resolution professional or resolution professional or liquidator to generate the necessary information as per the need of the time and also take effective decision on real time basis.

Our Mission:-To achieve excellence providing secure and efficient voting solutions and to create value for the organizations or professional we serve.

Our People:-Dedicated staff who understand that transparency and perfection are a must in this industry.

Our Strengths:- Timely customer service, simplicity of design, high security, and the ability to deliver custom solutions.


Work Process

How It Works ?

Step 1
Create Account

Register and Invite of Claim

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Step 2
Data Analysis

Claims Submission

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Step 3
Show Result

Acceptance and Extraction of Information

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